Tiny Mordor Sketch

A tiny Mordor doodle I drew in a notebook. I realized after I drew it that my Barad-dur is not really accurate but for a first attempt I think it looks pretty good.






Here is a picture that gives perspective:


Napkin Art

I did some quick doodles on a napkin awhile ago. I was using this napkin as a bookmark and realized I like the way these turned out.

Skyline Doodle

I’ve been too busy to do any big art so here is a little doodle I did in a class that I think tuned out pretty good.

Fun With Charcoal

My friends and I decided to play around with some charcoal in a 24 hour art studio.

I have been drawing city scapes a lot lately. I still don’t know exactly what they look like, but I like the way my atempts look. I like to draw them on water.

UFO I love Sci Fi and aliens. This is a picture of one of my friends getting abducted.

This is a little sloppy. I painted this a little while ago (see paintings) and still love to sketch it.

I saw this on a T-shirt a couple of weeks ago.

Falling Apart

This is a sketch I did a long time ago. Maybe 2004 or 2005?  It looks blurry because the actual sketch is smeared. I had it in an old sketch pad and so some of the lead rubbed off and smeared. In any case I think it’s cool and one of the rare times when I was younger that I sketched something that wasn’t a direct copy of a picture.

Stretched Heart


I drew this in my journal after feeling a little overwhelmed at the fact that my friends and my boyfriend would be studying abroad the next year. I felt like my heart was going to be stretched out. In my mind, the heart was made of gum and someone pinched off a piece and stuck it to each country that my friends would be in. This is the recreation of an image I had in my head. I couldn’t get it exactly right which is why I drew it a few times.