Modern Vanitas (Finished)

This is the final version of my modern vanitas painting – oil on canvas. I had originally wanted to add more dimension to leaves in the background, but decided to leave them more muted. I’m really happy about the way the nail polish spill and the sunglasses turned out.

ImageSunglasses detail: Image

Although it isn’t perfect, I learned a lot by making this painting, and overall, I like the way it turned out. I used to tell myself that if I wasn’t having fun painting, I shouldn’t be painting. However, taking this oil painting class has helped me realize that sometimes I need to challenge myself. Painting something difficult can be very rewarding. Even if painting doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t be discouraged! Happy painting!

Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody!

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas

Completed: 7/20/11

I finally finished this painting a couple days ago after leaving it unfinished for almost the entire ¬†school year. I painted this the beginning of my first year at college before I had made any good friends. I felt like I couldn’t be myself yet, but I really wanted to be. I was lonely and wasn’t sure how to best go about making friends. I’m normally very outgoing, so it was strange to be quiet and reserved. All of those feelings created this stellar painting. Even though I made friends soon enough, I still really love this work.