Acrylic Forest Painting

Small acrylic on canvas. I did this really quick in one day. I have been really inspired by Leonid Afremov and have been meaning to try to imitate his style. This was my attempt using acrylic paint, I am hoping to try again using oils like he does. I love green leaves and the way this painting adds a little color to a room, even though it didn’t turn out how I expected it would.Acrylic Forest

Elephant Heart Painting

A painting I made with my sister based off an image found on google. Acrylic on canvas 12″x14″.

It was difficult to capture the colors of the background right so here is another picture of it using different lighting.

Mixed Media

A mixed media collage that I made in fall 2006 for a painting class.

Batman Painting

12″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been planning this painting for a long time but didn’t have the free time until recently. It only took a couple hours and I really like it. This painting began as a doodle I drew in my biology class this year (my first post painting is based on a doodle I drew in a science class 4 years ago). It’s too bad science class can produce such great doodles since I won’t be taking any more.

Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody!

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas

Completed: 7/20/11

I finally finished this painting a couple days ago after leaving it unfinished for almost the entire  school year. I painted this the beginning of my first year at college before I had made any good friends. I felt like I couldn’t be myself yet, but I really wanted to be. I was lonely and wasn’t sure how to best go about making friends. I’m normally very outgoing, so it was strange to be quiet and reserved. All of those feelings created this stellar painting. Even though I made friends soon enough, I still really love this work.