Holy Spirit Dove Oil Painting

The last project for my oil painting class we got to paint anything we wanted. The Holy Spirit is where all my inspiration comes from, so it just felt natural to paint this image. I loved painting this and it is huge – something like 4ft by 3.5ft. It proudly hangs on the dining room wall and I can’t wait to paint more doves. After a semester of pushing myself, it felt great to take what I’ve learned and apply it to something I could be really excited about. I hope you get out there and paint something inspiring!Holy Spirit Dove Painting


Dove Detail

Quick Abstract Forest

At the end of my painting class, I had some extra supplies. So I decided to make this small and quick abstract forest.Oil Abstract Forest

Acrylic Forest Painting

Small acrylic on canvas. I did this really quick in one day. I have been really inspired by Leonid Afremov and have been meaning to try to imitate his style. This was my attempt using acrylic paint, I am hoping to try again using oils like he does. I love green leaves and the way this painting adds a little color to a room, even though it didn’t turn out how I expected it would.Acrylic Forest

Modern Vanitas (Finished)

This is the final version of my modern vanitas painting – oil on canvas. I had originally wanted to add more dimension to leaves in the background, but decided to leave them more muted. I’m really happy about the way the nail polish spill and the sunglasses turned out.

ImageSunglasses detail: Image

Although it isn’t perfect, I learned a lot by making this painting, and overall, I like the way it turned out. I used to tell myself that if I wasn’t having fun painting, I shouldn’t be painting. However, taking this oil painting class has helped me realize that sometimes I need to challenge myself. Painting something difficult can be very rewarding. Even if painting doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t be discouraged! Happy painting!

Vanitas Stage 2

I’ve added leaves and some more dimension. Still a ways to go!

In Progress

This painting has been a struggle. But I had a real break through with the nail polish spill.

The Spill

Vanitas Stage 1

After sketching my still life several times in my sketch book I drew it on the canvas and filled in the colors.

Then I went in and added the pearls, gave the shapes more dimension, and added shadows.

I really struggled with the skull and the spill but I think the shadows turned out pretty well. I will be sure to keep posting my progress.

Vanitas Still Life: Set-up

I took an oil painting class last semester and we had to paint a vanitas still life. I made my own inspired by college life and this is my set-up:

Vanitas Still Life Set-up

The nail polish I bought ended up being spill proof so I had to use a picture from the internet for that part of the painting. This was challenging, but fun! I will post pictures of each step. I hope it inspires you!

Elephant Heart Painting

A painting I made with my sister based off an image found on google. Acrylic on canvas 12″x14″.

It was difficult to capture the colors of the background right so here is another picture of it using different lighting.

Batman Painting

12″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been planning this painting for a long time but didn’t have the free time until recently. It only took a couple hours and I really like it. This painting began as a doodle I drew in my biology class this year (my first post painting is based on a doodle I drew in a science class 4 years ago). It’s too bad science class can produce such great doodles since I won’t be taking any more.

Joker Symbol

Joker Symbol

Acrylic on canvas

Completed: summer of 2009

I painted this for my boyfriend. The Dark Knight is my very favorite movie and this painting expresses that love. It is based off of a movie poster.