Vanitas Stage 1

After sketching my still life several times in my sketch book I drew it on the canvas and filled in the colors.

Then I went in and added the pearls, gave the shapes more dimension, and added shadows.

I really struggled with the skull and the spill but I think the shadows turned out pretty well. I will be sure to keep posting my progress.

Vanitas Still Life: Set-up

I took an oil painting class last semester and we had to paint a vanitas still life. I made my own inspired by college life and this is my set-up:

Vanitas Still Life Set-up

The nail polish I bought ended up being spill proof so I had to use a picture from the internet for that part of the painting. This was challenging, but fun! I will post pictures of each step. I hope it inspires you!

More Fun With Charcoal

Quick sketches I did with charcoal on paper.

Partly inspired by the song “Rise Above” from the Spiderman Musical.

I’m not really sure how to draw a feather so this was my attempt.