Fun With Charcoal

My friends and I decided to play around with some charcoal in a 24 hour art studio.

I have been drawing city scapes a lot lately. I still don’t know exactly what they look like, but I like the way my atempts look. I like to draw them on water.

UFO I love Sci Fi and aliens. This is a picture of one of my friends getting abducted.

This is a little sloppy. I painted this a little while ago (see paintings) and still love to sketch it.

I saw this on a T-shirt a couple of weeks ago.

Mixed Media 2

Another mixed media collage I made for a painting class in fall 2006.

Mixed Media

A mixed media collage that I made in fall 2006 for a painting class.

Batman Painting

12″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been planning this painting for a long time but didn’t have the free time until recently. It only took a couple hours and I really like it. This painting began as a doodle I drew in my biology class this year (my first post painting is based on a doodle I drew in a science class 4 years ago). It’s too bad science class can produce such great doodles since I won’t be taking any more.