Joker Symbol

Joker Symbol

Acrylic on canvas

Completed: summer of 2009

I painted this for my boyfriend. The Dark Knight is my very favorite movie and this painting expresses that love. It is based off of a movie poster.

Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody!

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas

Completed: 7/20/11

I finally finished this painting a couple days ago after leaving it unfinished for almost the entire  school year. I painted this the beginning of my first year at college before I had made any good friends. I felt like I couldn’t be myself yet, but I really wanted to be. I was lonely and wasn’t sure how to best go about making friends. I’m normally very outgoing, so it was strange to be quiet and reserved. All of those feelings created this stellar painting. Even though I made friends soon enough, I still really love this work.

Falling Apart

This is a sketch I did a long time ago. Maybe 2004 or 2005?  It looks blurry because the actual sketch is smeared. I had it in an old sketch pad and so some of the lead rubbed off and smeared. In any case I think it’s cool and one of the rare times when I was younger that I sketched something that wasn’t a direct copy of a picture.

Stretched Heart


I drew this in my journal after feeling a little overwhelmed at the fact that my friends and my boyfriend would be studying abroad the next year. I felt like my heart was going to be stretched out. In my mind, the heart was made of gum and someone pinched off a piece and stuck it to each country that my friends would be in. This is the recreation of an image I had in my head. I couldn’t get it exactly right which is why I drew it a few times.

Wish Flower

24×18 Acrilic on Canvas

Created: Sometime around 2006 or 2007

One of my favorite paintings. Based on a doodle I drew in a science class. This is the first time I painted something from my heart and let go of trying to make it look real or good to other people. I love this painting and I’m still inspired by it.